Narrowboat moving services for any situation

Where Can We Move
Your Boat To?

Fast & Professional. Simple to use Service

Do you wish to commence your holiday from a different starting point?

Broken down and need to get home?

Just bought a boat and need to get it to its permanent mooring?

Need to get your boat to brokerage?

In emergency do you need to get home quickly?

Emergency stoppages preventing you from getting home in time for work?

Did you know it’s less expensive to get us to move your boat than for you to take unpaid leave or employing additional staff to cover for your absence? Equally you may wish to start your holiday from a different point other than your permanent mooring so that you can explore new waterways. If any of these circumstances apply to you – read on!

Our Service

Talk to you about your requirements and would discuss with you the options of how to best to meet your needs
“Spring clean” the interior ensuring that it is handed back to you in the best of condition
Inform you of any requirements that would be necessary e.g if you needed a particular licence for any waterways
Ensure on a daily basis that all engine checks are undertaken and to report any areas that may need attention
Give you a written quotation for the move together with a list of expenses that may be involved (usually only travel expenses, pump-outs and estimated fuel costs).
We have full business insurance covering us for public liability and accidental damage, in addition we carry first class breakdown cover, so that should a breakdown occur, costs to you will be minimised
Arrange your requirements, and method of handing the boat over to you at the end of the voyage.
As part of our service, we will happily provide daily GPS co-ordinates and mooring locations so that you can follow our progress. Equally we welcome you to telephone us at any time to keep in touch.